Fees correct as of April 2021.

Aesthetic Treatments
Lip fillers
0.5ml £120
1.0ml £180
Premium 1.0ml £240
Peri-oral dermal fillers from £200 per ml then £150 per ml thereafter
Cheek fillers From £250
Chin fillers from £200
Jawline fillers from £300
Chin and jawline fillers from £450
Facial sculpting package POA
Muscle relaxing injection services
Hyperhidrosis injections Price on Consultation
Anti-wrinkle injections Price on Consultation
Treatment for tooth grinding ‘Jawtox’ Price on Consultation
Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy
For skin (‘vampire facelift’/stretch marks/acne scarring £250 per session (3 sessions over 12 weeks required)
For hair loss incld. Hair nutrients £400 per session (5 sessions over 20 weeks required)
Cosmetic Dental Treatments
ClearCorrect Teeth Straightening
Single Arch (Upper or Lower up to 12 aligners) £1390
Both arches starting from £1990 up to £2990 depending length of treatment
Composite Bonding
Edge Bonding £100 per tooth
Full surface veneer £200 per tooth
SmileFast Composite Smile Makeover £1790
Phillips Zoom Take Home DayWhite £199
Philips Zoom In Chair £399
ICON White Spot Treatment £200
Aesthetic Gum Contouring £450
Zirconia £300
e.Max £450
Zirconia £400
e.Max £600
Amalgam (silver filling) to White (composite) £150
Surgical Extraction £150
Initial Consultation always FREE but a £25 deposit is taken to hold the appointment. If you go through with treatment, it is taken off the cost. If you don’t, you get it back. Deposit is only forfeited if appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or you do not attend.
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